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Doodles are little bundles of fun.
Usually drawn with a pen, they often
appear to be the result of a scribe trying
out his pen. In such cases it was tempting
to draw something meaningful, if absurd.

Humor is a main ingredient of the doodle,
which may show a mouse chasing a cat, a
funny face staring at the reader, a skeleton
with a glass in his hand, or a husband and wife
in the midst of an argument. The figure seen here
shows just how playful doodles can be. The figure
was drawn below a letter G, which now seems to
form his tiny hat. The person appears to be staring
at a repaired cut, as if studying a fancy painting in a

Doodles often incorporate such native elements of the
page. Various doodles made by children also survive in
schoolbooks, which shows that doodling may also be a
universal sign of boredom in the classroom.